About Us

Bhooshan Animations India Pvt.Ltd Presents

Life is interesting when you can visualize. What if you visualize something with incredible plot twists?

We, at Bhooshans, believe in an unpredictable storyline that enhances audience engagement. Unlike others, we focus on bringing the elements from Indian culture and tradition to the international market which has its present influences in children as well as adults in different styles through animations.

The teammates of Bhooshan animations India, are filled with a diverse range of practical knowledge in creativity and execution. We are unique in our visionary thinking, excellence, and commitment to any project. Adept at creating out-of-the-box concepts especially for Kids entertainment sector through our OTT platforms, high quality animated visuals, including CG animated films, cartoon Series, Television Commercials, ads, music videos, and live entertainment properties, Bhooshan animations is inarguable, sprouting out to expand its branches across the world by creating the freshest relevant output to stand out from the crowd.

At Bhooshans, what we comprehend most, is one more element called ‘Structure’ which makes a business pragmatic. In the current scenario, where the animation industry is mushrooming remarkably, Bhooshan animations are destined to thrive as a premier entertainment company in the world.